The Squamish Splash offers an All Inclusive Hot Tub Service Package. This service guarantees a clean and comfortable hot tub for you and your guests to enjoy and helps you control costs by having one monthly maintenance fee. Choose from the Weekly or Bi-Weekly packages.

Weekly Service Package

$105.00/month, plus taxes
This package is recommended for hot tubs being used two or more times through the month. It maintains excellent water quality for owners and guests, combined with the necessary equipment maintenance. This package includes the following:

  • Hot tub is visited on a scheduled day, weekly
  • All equipment needed to service hot tub is provided by Squamish Splash
  • Filter cleaning is included once per month. Additional cleanings are $15 each
  • Complete water quality testing and chemical balancing
  • Inspection of water temperature and water level
  • Inspection of spa pak including pump, heater and filter components for leaks or malfunctions.
  • Checks to ensure all jets and air controls are functioning
  • Hot tub vacuum and surface cleaning
  • Hot tub cover cleaning and treatments
  • On‐site log documents visits to the property

Receive only one maintenance invoice for each quarter of the year.

Additional Fees

These fees are applicable on all hot tub  service packages and are as follows:

  • Repairs due to equipment malfunction are billed at $90.00/hour
  • Water changes due to heavy use or guest abuse starting at $125.00
  • Extra owner requested water changes starting at $125.00
  • Extra owner requested service visits billed at $40.00/visit.
  • Call outs for minor problems like high limits or low water are $30.00/visit
  • Replacement Filter Cartridges, Floating Brominators, and Thermometers are extra.